As there are expansionist ideas in the proposed heli-ski ordinance, I propose the following contractionist ideas.

Instead of expansion to three heli-ski companies, there should be one company consolidated from the present two. Instead of more skier days per company and unlimited skier days in so-called low-impact areas, there should be 1,000 skier days total. Instead of a wider skiing area, flights should be allowed from the Haines airport only.

I further ask that if heli-flights continue to be allowed in the hearing range of residents, that those residents’ property taxes, at a minimum, be eliminated as compensation for reduced property values and that new taxes, as head or other taxes, be added to the heli-industry and those that promote it, to compensate the borough.

I ask that grandfathered wintertime quiet rights be upheld and restored to residents who enjoyed these experiences prior to heli-skiing.

At a minimum, the Jarvis area of the upper valley and the area beyond Flower Mountain should be off limits to heli-skiing, and additionally, no summer heli-recreation would be allowed.

The heli-ski regulations, as is, should be maintained with these added stipulations, plus GPS data reporting, and $1,000 fines per infraction of any regulations.

Ron Weishahn