This week I was speaking to someone whose spouse works at the Kensington mine. I was appalled to hear that the employee was not allowed to wish their spouse a Merry Christmas over the phone or they would be in danger of losing their job. Outrageous! How can such a thing be? This is the United States of America and not some communist stronghold! Not being able to speak two words in a private conversation is absolutely asinine! We have to endure smut and foul language of all kinds under the guise of free speech – but can’t wish someone we care about two words of joy and happiness? Wake up, people! We will become a third-world country in no time if we allow such stupidity to rule in our land. Shame on you, Kensington mine management, for interfering in areas that have nothing whatsoever to do with mining. How can you possibly justify establishing such a rule? Please stick to your mining and not interfere in your employees’ private conversations.

Bonnie J. Sears