A “temporary executive assistant” position advertised by the Haines Borough replaces a contract position held by resident Debra Schnabel, according to manager Mark Earnest.

Schnabel was hired as a “project clerk” during construction of the Haines School, replacing Lisa Lashinsky. Schnabel, however, proposed to work the job as a contractor instead of a full-time employee.

Schnabel’s contract with the borough has been renewed since school construction, and she has been assigned to assist with various projects. “We can’t let that become a contract position,” Earnest said.

Earnest said he envisions the new position will last up to one year and will be dedicated to borough projects, including securing regulatory permits, working with funding agencies, and maintaining project timelines. “There’s so much that goes into any one project,” he said.

The assistant will likely work on the borough’s comprehensive plan revision, downtown revitalization, and Picture Point. “