Scott McAdams has demonstrated notable integrity running an issues-oriented campaign of intelligent ideas while his opponents have engaged in mud wrestling matches that demean and embarrass Alaskans. Unlike Joe Miller, Scott McAdams is interested in ideas, not ideology. Rather than working for corporate and single political party interests as Lisa Murkowski’s record would show, Scott McAdams is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and work like the late Jay Hammond for all Alaskans.

With his experience on the Sitka school board, president of the Alaska school board Association and member of the National school board Association, Scott McAdams is hands down the best candidate to deal with the educational issues of our nation. As Mayor of Sitka, Scott McAdams has experience dealing with the tight budgets and contentious issues of small town Alaska.

Do you want to keep your Social Security, dislike a one-size-fits-all educational system, want energy independence for Alaska, or believe that Alaska deserves a greater share of our resource wealth instead of being treated as a colony for outside corporations?

A former fisherman, Scott McAdams will not risk the ($100,000,000+ ex vessel value alone) annual dividend to the fishing industry in Bristol Bay for a pebble of gold. Can you trust the other two candidates to do the same?

He is 100 percent behind the self determination and subsistence rights of Native Alaskans. Thoughtful, sincere, and effective, Scott McAdams deserves your vote for U.S Senate this November.

Michael J. Van Note