Leonard Dubber’s criticism of Steve Vick is unfair, and doesn’t tell the whole story. The boiler project for the Mosquito Lake School had been in the works for years. Funding had been secured from the state, engineering completed and the contract awarded. If the assembly had said no to the project at that point, the borough would have lost money and worse, lost our credibility with the state for future funding. I believe that Steve, and the majority of the Assembly, voted in the borough’s best interest. The time for presenting new ideas for a project is during the planning stage, not at the very end. Steve Vick has shown himself to be a thoughtful and informed Assembly member who has consistently voted for the Borough’s best interest. He has my vote.

Likewise, Greg Goodman, in his long tenure as our chief of police, demonstrated fairness, good judgment and coolness under pressure. These are qualities we need on the assembly.

Rob Goldberg