Leonard Dubber (letter CVN 9/23) is a hard-working member of the Energy Sustainability Commission (ESC). During his two years as an ESC commissioner, he has researched many ideas about energy efficiency for the borough. As assembly liaison for the ESC, I have voiced the commission’s ideas to the assembly and have worked with the borough manager and the ESC coordinator to find ways to incorporate their recommendations.

The Mosquito Lake School boiler design that was presented to the assembly was supported by the borough facilities manager, the borough manager, the project engineer, and an energy efficiency engineer. Based on their recommendations and a desire not to delay the needed heating system (which was listed eighth on the statewide priority list), the assembly made the decision to fund the project.

The boiler project was started over a year before the creation of the ESC, and thus the ESC unfortunately missed the appropriate time to input their design ideas. The ESC does important work and Mr. Dubber is a valued contributor in this regard. The ESC is a great resource for the community and should continue to be a positive advocate and educator of energy sustainability.

Steve Vick