Andrew Mark Koverdan arrived Sept. 3 to parents Alissa and Mark Koverdan. Andrew weighed 8 lbs., 9 ozs. and measured 21 inches. Andrew joins his siblings Ania, 5, and Arik, 2, who waited for their baby brother’s arrival with grandparents Nancy and Denis Hill, in Juneau. Alissa was in the hospital room next to Kim Sundberg, who stopped by after baby Corwin was born to encourage Alissa in her labor. Andrew was born a few hours later. Andrew and family are happily home in Haines.
Attending Marquette University in Milwaukee, Christine Hansen got word from dad Vince Hansen in Haines that President Barack Obama was to make a Labor Day appearance in her town. Although tickets were sold out, Christine decided to make her way down to the Lake Michigan shore, where the address was to take place. She met a man with an extra ticket and landed in the seventh row, close to the president’s podium. She saw Air Force One coming in to land at the Milwaukee Airport and soon after Hilda Solis, Secretary of Labor, spoke to the crowd. President Obama followed with his address and later came down from the stage to shake the hands of people in the first few rows. Christine followed a man in her row who hopped a small barricade, landing herself in front in time for a brief "hello" and a firm handshake with the president. "I couldn’t stop smiling after that," Christine said. "Never did I think I would get to shake President Barack Obama’s hand!"
Gina and Jerry Erny are home from a four-week road trip that took them through the Canadian Rockies, Jasper and the Pacific Northwest. In Washington, they stopped in on former Haines resident K.O. Arney and also visited with Ron Huitger. Ron is a veterinarian at Smokey Point Animal Hospital and he gave the Ernys’ mutt, Trooper, a check-up during their visit. The Ernys logged more than 5,400 miles, camping out along the way. They were home just four days before heading up to Whitehorse to meet Franziska Heinz and Arno Rueter, German friends of Gina’s niece. Gina and Jerry took the young couple to Skagway on their boat and the foursome had fun taking ATVs up Flower Mountain and the Kelsall River valley. Arno was fascinated with Alaska wildlife and was excited to see bears along the Chilkoot River and learn about raptors at the bald eagle foundation.
Seventeen students are enrolled at Chilkat Valley Preschool this year. Iris Kemp is lead teacher with Josie Nelson as assistant. Renee Hoffman is office manager. Steve Vick is working as teacher’s aide. Steve spent the summer guiding at-risk youth in kayak tours around Admiralty Island for Juneau Youth Services. Chilkat Valley Preschool parents are selling wrapping paper for their fall fundraiser. The high-quality gift paper can be ordered until Sept. 20. This year’s offerings also include chocolate and gift items. Parents around town have catalogs or call the school at 766-3213.
Haines Headstart has 20 students enrolled. Karen Bryant serves as lead teacher, now in the 12th year. Yuko Hays and Anneliese Stacy are teacher’s aides. Linda Waldo is the cook and prepares breakfast and lunch each day. The program is looking forward to a playground remodel this fall. Equipment is being replaced with all natural materials and a "playscape," designed by an architect. It will include a tricycle trail around the perimeter and a mound for climbing and sledding. A grant has provided seed money and Headstart is relying on donations of time and equipment. Contact Karen to help out.
Haines Cub Scout Den 70 held its badge ceremony Satur