A very special thanks to Stacy Turner and Turner Construction for being such gracious hosts as they are providing the top soil and water which is bringing our apple trees back to life and good health. Also thanks to the many folks in Haines who have inquired, provided guidance or donated labor on this project, especially to J.B. Axsom, Jim Shook, Haines master gardeners and Rob Goldberg. A special thanks also to Toni and Jack Smith of Whiterock Nursery for their guidance and donation of their “magic recovery” solution for stressed plants. We also appreciated DOT’s James Sage’s guidance on how to increase the chances of our apple trees surviving winter snow plow equipment.

Pam Randles, who teaches sixth grade, has a passion for composting and we hope to have her students adopt the trees planted along the old school property as a class project. Thought it would be a fantastic opportunity for her students to learn how to care for fruit trees. We would hope for something similar with our high school students.

Joe Poor