As most of you know, I have lived in the Porcupine for 17 years. This winter, as I face seven and a half months of snow, I find myself looking forward to the peace because of an injustice I see around me.

I see some people who base their attitudes, beliefs and actions not on information, but on gossip and lies. Whether it is because these gossips are your friends, co-workers or people you do business with is not relevant. Basing an opinion on one side of any story is wrong, not only to the individual being maligned, but also to that person who, for whatever reason, has chosen not to gain both sides of the story.

I urge all of you when faced with this kind of situation to seek out that person and ask for their side of the story. Then, and only then, can a just person draw a conclusion.

This valley is full of good people and I’m proud to live with all of you. I would like to thank those people for their kindness and fairness in the face of injustice. These are people of true courage. We are all a reflection of “the maker.” Sometimes we need to stop and clean our windows.

Anney Shuder