Calls about a street fight on Main Street and a felony assault at a motel twice brought out the entire Haines Borough police force during the holiday weekend.

Chief Gary Lowe said a dispute between people who’d been drinking at a bar spilled out onto Main Street at about 10 p.m. Saturday, where a Canadian and a local man squared off.

“It was a call that there were 20 people out in the street. We figured we’d better get everybody down there,” he said. “A lot of people were standing around, egging them on.”

The fight quickly broke up and the crowd dispersed. No charges were filed because the fight was mutual, Lowe said. “If both people want to fight, the district attorney isn’t going to charge them.”

One person was taken to the clinic after falling down and hitting their head on the curb, he said. “Apparently, a Canadian guy was getting friendly with a local woman. Somebody took offense to that.”

Lowe said he’d like to see the borough adopt a local disorderly conduct ordinance, which would give police their own enforcement power and discourage such behavior.

The force was called out again about 7 a.m. Sunday to search for Eddie Skookum, a 55-year-old Carmacks, Y.T. tribal chief suspected of assaulting a woman at a local hotel. Skookum was found inside his parked truck at Port Chilkoot Dock at 8:25 a.m.

Skookum, chief of the Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation, was held on $50,000 bail after severely beating a 21-year-old woman from Haines Junction, Y.T, Lowe said.

The woman reported she and Skookum had been at a local bar and Skookum had become angry and jealous. In their motel room, he kicked and punched her. Before the woman regained consciousness, Skookum left the motel and was discovered passed out behind the seat of his maroon pickup parked at the Port Chilkoot Dock.

Because he didn’t respond and police were unable to open the vehicle, they broke a side window of the rig to reach him.

Found bloodied in the motel parking lot, the victim was diagnosed with a possible concussion and pain in the face, head, neck, back and ribs. She was treated at the Haines clinic and released to her mother.

Lowe said the severity of the beating brought the felony charge.

Crime spiked in Haines during the past week, with at least four incidents of driving under the influence and about as many arrests for assault, Lowe said.

A big fireworks display and having Canada Day and Independence Day on the same weekend may have boosted numbers of visitors, Lowe said.