Stating that a non-Native person cannot sell Devil’s Club products would be like saying the Egyptians, who discovered beer making with hops, could be the only culture to ever make beer!

Devil’s Club was put on earth by the great spirits to be used by all peoples and tribes. Mr. Jackson’s objection (CVN Letters, July 1) is not about culture or protecting it, but rather who can profit from exploiting said products, art and the like. 

Mr. Jackson, are you opposed to non-Native people making birch syrup, or hooligan oil, too? Are you opposed to me hanging my salmon outside to dry it? After all I learned that from Native Americans too.

My point is that the Native peoples of the world have openly shared their beliefs and cultures for centuries. In turn the culture is carried on by all who learn from said culture. Cultural ways come to pass when elders do not pass on their wisdom.

If your true objection is this person making money from a native plant or the medicinal properties of it, then make a better product, sell it and share the monies for tribal benefit! But do not state that you are the only culture who may use a wild plant for medicinal purposes or profit because, in my opinion, the profit argument is just you being petty!

Thomas Baxter