My first response is that the borough quickly, efficiently, and immediately learn how to cut cost of operations without reduction of any services. It can be done. Businesses in Haines are all taking those measures. Over the last few years we have increasingly offered higher salaries to those working for the borough and created new positions as well. How nice for you. With the benefits others outside the government don’t enjoy, the cost of those benefits is substantial. Be thankful you have the coverage.   Salaries may need to be rolled back. I know mine has been. You can get used to it. I did.

I suggest this. Turn off the ice machine. It’s not doing it. Turn off every other streetlight, especially in summer. The savings will be huge. Sorry AP&T. Stop with all the studies we spend money for. Go on the Internet and you can learn about almost anything. Inner office work. The downtown garden won’t happen, people. Please stop with the restroom. It’s not going to turn ships towards Haines. Stop with the exorbitant attorney fees. You can look up almost any law on the Internet. We don’t need them for everything. Who is liable for the extreme energy consumption of our new and efficient school building? Wood studies for burning wood? Seriously? Did anyone see this coming, I mean, as businesses started to board up their windows and the owners find work elsewhere, and others trying to plan their escape? New businesses registration has been down. Housing sales have dropped to half previous years but assessments have gone up? But the salary increases didn’t get reduced. Sales tax loss. Have you noticed? By the way, this is not good news. I am still getting my water piped through an asbestos line.  

Please do not come to me as a property owner or business owner for any more money. I can’t help you out with this one. You should have seen it coming. It’s time to hunker down and get it done. I didn’t say it wouldn’t hurt.

Bob Lowden