The squabble over our assembly’s plan to extend the parking area at our cruise ship dock is misdirected and if you knew all the facts you would agree our community will end up with a much nicer beachfront and far better access!

I have been told that as a condition of the parking expansion they have included the removal of all old dock pilings and mooring dolphins currently embedded in our beach.

Next time you think about the situation, visit the beach as I did and visualize how the removal of those hazardous piling stubs that are currently sticking up from the beach property will create far more useable space for all residents. Granted perhaps not full use at high tide, but certainly for the remaining 20 hours of our day, and from what I have observed so far this year, it is actually a seldom-used public area.

I was also told that instead of hiking down a trail to access our beach, the plan calls for much easier stairs and ramp for all our residents, so this should become a more valuable community asset and certainly clean up a visually nasty and hazardous part of our community beach.

We need to applaud the members of our assembly who chose to go ahead with this community improvement project.

Joe Poor