Haines guide Eric Dunn remembered for zeal, big smile


September 28, 2023

Nathalie Dunn

Haines guide Eric Dunn remembered for zeal, big smile

Eric Dunn made an impact on my life this summer. My first meeting with Eric was typical of the young man. Bright-eyed and energetic, he walked into the Chamber of Commerce asking, "How can I get involved in local government and support local businesses?" This question began my privilege of getting to know Eric. Coming to Haines to work the tourism season, Eric was not your standard guy. At a young age, his resume showed that he had worked in asset management at an investment firm in New York. It was then I knew he had not come to make money; he was here to have an adventure! Indeed, one of my favorite memories was seeing him biking in the sun after the rain, in awe of the mountains... smiling that big grin we all shared when we first came here.

Yet, amid his adventure, he still wanted to grow and contribute to this community. He faithfully attended Borough meetings, and even tried to convince his fellow guides to get involved with local government too!

I could tell this young man had something special in his life. His zeal for life and desire to serve pulled something out of me that I had lost touch with. Eric brought me hope and reminded me of when I came to Haines dreaming big and biking around with the same big grin. To quote a mentor, "the rarest commodity on earth is Hope, and a Hope-bringer is invaluable."

Eric was a hope-bringer for me; Eric was a hope-bringer for many.

Eric was 25 years old. He was the son of Nathalie and Douglas Dunn and brother of Christopher.

Written and paid for by Andrew Letchworth.


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