Morphet best bet to succeed Olerud


September 21, 2023

Electing Tom Morphet to be the next Mayor is our best bet for maintaining the civility that Doug Olerud has brought to borough assembly meetings.

Tom loves Haines and doesn’t harbor grudges against people who disagree with him. He shows up at most borough meetings, often using his three minutes of public comment to suggest what needs to be done to make Haines an even better place to live — everything from bringing the phone book back to proposing that a vote be held for any capital project that is going to cost more than $10 million.

Over the decades he has been here, Tom has butted heads with many of us, but he doesn’t play favorites. He just calls it like he sees it—and often at a loud volume. That determination and his vast knowledge of Haines’ history and the ins and outs of government could work to the advantage of us all.

Sharon Resnick


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