Mistakes in CVN on pool contractor


August 17, 2023

Chilkat Custom Contractors (CCC) and its subcontractors worked on a portion of the needed pool repairs. In the August 10, 2023 “Assembly Briefs,” the author stated “According to Kreitzer, Chilkat Custom Contractors, the contractor hired to do repairs this summer “frankly didn’t do the job right the first time.” I confirmed that CCC was the contractor, but I also in an email exchange stated that it was the subcontractor that had trouble with the job.

In the same brief, “Kreitzer said she would be discussing ways to recoup some of the $150,000 allocated for the pool repairs from the contractor.” This is a misstatement – I said that I would have to speak to Ed Coffland about the situation. I will admit I could have been clearer – my intention in speaking to Ed was to get all of the facts. I find that I get facts in bits and pieces and if I act on those without getting the full story, the result can be unsatisfactory. The cost of this repair was actually under $25,000, not $150,000 which was for a different pool project to redo the insulation, sheetrock and lighting to fix a condensation problem.

Thank you for letting me clarify this issue.

Annette Kreitzer - Borough Manager


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