The election merry-go-round is tiresome


November 10, 2022

I’ve been on this planet for a while and have voted in the last 13 presidential elections and countless state and local elections. The one constant has been the never-ending chatter from candidates about how they intend to fix the economy, inflation, gas prices, unemployment, a fallen souffle. They always seem to be promoting a better mousetrap or a new way to slice a loaf of bread. Better, bigger roads, dams, electrical grid, military. It seems to me the only thing they promote is themselves, over and over again. I especially like the ones who have been in office for decades, still trying to fix things, I guess. It’s the left’s fault. It’s the right’s fault. It’s Haley’s comet. It’s sunspots. I will continue to step into the voter’s booth and cast my ballots, but it sure gets harder every cycle. Same old stuff, different day.

Greg Goodman


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