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September 29, 2022

I’m getting pretty good at writing titles, aren’t I? With the motivation of making residents of the Chilkat Valley laugh, the effort comes easily.

So here we are, my second “folklore award”— this one for effective public performance in the civic theater.

Did you folks catch the broadcast of the recent candidate forum? There was a key moment, when Debra Schnabel asked Eric Holle a direct question that I’m sure a lot of people, including myself, wanted to hear answered—but rather than answer the question, Mr. Holle decided to answer several different questions that no one had asked him, instead.

When the person moderating the debate accepted Mr. Holle’s non-answer, and attempted to move on, Ms. Schnabel said—directly into a microphone that reached the entire valley: “Are you kidding me?!?” (Which were, curiously enough, the same words that were in my own head at that very moment.)

That’s when I took my feet off the window sill, leaned forward, and said: “You tell ‘em, Debra!!!”

And if you can get an Alaskan folklorist halfway out of their rocking chair over the radio —you clearly deserve an award, so here it is:

Debra Schnabel is a recognized pro in the theater of public civic performance (a field I’m no slouch in myself).

I always brag: “I once went to a class on public speaking that was attended by Debra Schnabel herself!”

Fortunately, Kyle Clayton—who was also moderating—stopped and allowed Mr. Holle to answer again. Nice work everyone!

Chris Palmisano


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