Let the bears eat in peace


September 22, 2022

The fish are running in the Chilkat River. We in Haines have the unique opportunity to observe bears in their natural habitat feeding and teaching their young survival skills. At this time, the bears should not be disturbed yet we are still seeing people crowding the bears for that close-up photo. We have laws against harassing wildlife but these laws are ignored.

Last year a young bear crossed the road to try to get into the river and was followed down the bank by a group of people. The bar stood up and “woofed” in question. He couldn’t return to the woods and because of the fishermen in the river he was completely surrounded. He was shot and killed as being aggressive!

People and feeding bears don’t mix. The bears are in their territory. People are the intruders here!

The river between the weir and the bridge needs to be closed to fishing at this time before there is a tragic encounter between an animal and a human.

Dixie Hayes


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