SEAK State Fair photos and results


August 4, 2022

Courtesy of Jason Rinas.

Cosmo Fudge wields a chainsaw upside down as he cuts a log during the Logging Show's obstacle bucking contest July 30 at the Southeast Alaska State Fair.

Talent Show:

Youth Winner: Nate White and Maddox Rogers

Adult Winner: Tom Morphet


Grand Prize/best in parade:

1. Haines Marching band

2. The Salmon Dancers

3. Chilkat Dancers

Fishermen’s Rodeo:

Herring Toss:

1. Wilder and Dalton Henry

2. Max and Michael

Rain Gear:

1. Little Kids - Luke Bell

2. Big Kids - Grace Stickler

Survival Suit Race:

1. Seth McLurg

2. Phoenix Jacobson

3. Dalton Henry

Fiddle Contest:

1. Lindsay Clark

Guy Hoffman memorial Horseshoe Tournament:

1. Mike Carter

2. Bill Finlay

3. Stan Boor

Logging Show:

Women’s Ax Throw

1. Dayna Lennie

2. Amy Baylous

3. Maria Knutson

Men’s Ax throw

1. Fred Chambers-Piper

2. Kama Kanahele

3. Matthew Baarson

Choker Setting/Hook Tender Relay

1. Nathan Piper and Fred Chambers-Piper

2. Cosmo Fudge and Bryan Harmon

3. Matt Baarson

Women’s Small Saw Powerbucking

1. Amy Baylous

2. Maria Knutson

3. Sylvia Heinz

Men’s Small Saw Powerbucking

1. Jack Smith Jr.

2. Pete Lapham

3. Nathan Piper

Jack and Jill Handbucking

1. Dayna Lennie and Fred Chambers-Piper

2. Jazmin Aquistapace and Zech Smith

3. Annalise Fenn and Jason Tweedy

Obstacle Bucking

1. Sylvia Heinz

2. Cosmo Fudge

Large Saw Power Bucking

1. Mike Durard

2. Brian Harmon

3. Jack Smith Jr.

Log Rolling

1. Cosmo Fudge

2. Fred Chambers-Piper

3. Sylvia Heinz

Bull of the Woods:

Fred Chambers-Piper

Babe of the Woods:

Sylvia Heinz

Southeast Alaska State Fair Disc Golf Tournament


1. Jeremy Reed

2. Ken (Cowboy) Graham

3. Colton Baker


1. Scott Allen

2. Ryan Josephson

3. Phoenix Jacobson


1. Bri Levia

2. Teolani (T Bird) Baker

3. Amy Baylous

Lovable Dog Contest:

Most Lovable Dog: Boris, owned by Seth Waldo

Best Senior: Happy Thanksgiving, owned by Debi Knight Kennedy

Best Purebred: Boris, owned by Seth Waldo

Best Rescue: Luigi, owned by John Carlson

Best 'Only a Mother Could Love': Blue Barry Sunshine, owned by Wade Galbraith

Best Wiggle Butt: Franklin, owned by Stacie Pawlson

Best look-a-like: Tahkin, owned by Willow

Best Dressed: Hailey, owned by Tina Jerue

Best Trick: Enzo, owned by Conner McIntyre

Exhibit Department Grand Champions

Flowers: Larry Jurgeleit -Greene, Haines

Fiber Arts: Lou McAtee, Haines

Crops and Vegetables: Leslee Downer, Haines

Crafts and Pioneer Arts: Leigh Horner, Haines

Baked Goods: Lillian Robinson, Haines

Knitting: Kate Fossman, Haines

Quilting: Dawn Tuene, Ketchikan

Needlework: Sydney Hillman, Skagway

Max Graham

Fairgoers dance at Payson's Pavilion during an evening of music July 28.

School And Youth Projects: Johanna Hotch-Mattson, Gustavus

Sewing: Dan Chevez, Haines

3-D Fine Art: Eric Triezenberg, Haines

2-D Fine Art: Riley Soboleff, Juneau

Wearable Art: Abby Blaine, Haines

Crochet Arts: Debbie Ackerman, Skagway

Preserved Foods: Karl Johnson, Haines

Photography: Gary Jacobson, Haines

Woodworking: Burl Sheldon, Haines

Jewelry: Joanie Wagner, Haines


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