Story on child vaccines was one-sided


July 14, 2022

It was disappointing to see such a one-sided article in the June 29 CVN as “Covid vaccinations available for youngest children next week.” The continued rhetoric toward vaccinating all children is not the whole story. This is a very controversial topic and if that isnʼt clear by now, time to do some reading.

How about starting with the numbers on the CDCʼs own database for tracking trends in vaccine injuries and deaths (VAERS). Next, you could visit the “real not rare” website which documents individualsʼ stories of covid vaccine injuries. You could cite quotes from any number of doctors actively educating on the risks and lack of efficacy and long-term safety data surrounding these vaccines. You could cite passages from “The Real Anthony Fauci” by RFK Jr. regarding the unbelievable corruption and total lack of regard for human life inherent to the pharmaceutical industry. You could just look around at the real-world evidence in our very own community to see that thereʼs another side to this story.

If I were a new parent and hadnʼt done my own research about vaccines, itʼs very likely reading your article would leave me convinced that vaccinating my baby against covid is not only completely safe, but also necessary; this is far from the case. Come on CVN, letʼs not emulate the captured mainstream media sources like NPR and CNN. Your community is smarter than that. We expect more, and you can do better.

Keri Eggleston


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