Please keep the pool open


April 21, 2022

Did you know that water aerobics is a great way to keep fit and healthy? We do. We are a group of people who can’t really walk, jog or run, especially enough to get our heart rate up for a short cardio workout. We are in our 30s and 80s. We have had surgery or have arthritis and are using this method as a form of therapy and healing. If you haven’t noticed, it is quite popular with people in other parts of the state and country who are lucky enough to have a swimming pool.

Some of the benefits besides making new friends, hearing “the latest” and having fun are gaining new self-confidence, balance, range of motion and burning calories. With low impacts, the resistance of the water is great for building strength, toning muscles, increasing flexibility and endurance. It is known to reduce anxiety and negative moods. It is helping our hearts, minds and souls. 

The swimming pool closures in the past two years and summer months in the past have really been hard on our regimens. We lose our momentum and our get-up-and-go.

We are not the only user group that loves the pool. There are lots of others that also feel that way. We are one of those lucky communities with a pool and just don’t understand the arbitrary closures. Thank you.

Joyce Stockbridge


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