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Lily Lake doesn't need a motorized trail


December 16, 2021

How does our community get lost down these rabbit holes of upside thinking that yurts will lower property values and motorized recreational trails in town will somehow attract people to want to live near them?

I think this happens because people get appointed to local governmental committees to promote certain agendas rather than to actually gather and gauge public input. And local officials end up rubber-stamping ideas coming out of these committees because they are too overwhelmed by agendas where too much is pushed to be decided on too fast. And because going against a proposal put forth by a committee, no matter how small and how lacking in diversity, is harder than just going along to get along. We, as a community, do not make our best decisions in this manner.

The Parks and Recreation Committee is pursuing a grant for a 2-mile motorized recreational trail in the vicinity of Lily Lake. And CVN noted written public comments or phone calls should be made to the Borough Planner. And that public comments are encouraged.

Consider this letter my public comment that no state or borough funds should go to support this motorized trail plan cooked up by a handful of individuals who prefer the noise and exhaust of motorized vehicles in an area treasured by many for its quiet walking trails, birdsong, and healthy foraging of berries, mushrooms, and green plants. The Assembly should not be rubber stamping this proposal without much more input and far more thoughtful consideration.

Kathleen Menke


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