Nicole Studley, 'emissary of love,' will be missed by all

Obituary submitted by James Studley


November 18, 2021

Nicole Marie Studley was born on Oct. 22, 1992 in Anchorage, Alaska at Providence Hospital. She passed from her earthly vessel into another place we can only imagine on Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021 at 10:38 PM.

Fourteen days after her birth Nicole was adopted by James and Janice Studley through Catholic Social Services. Dr. Stan Jones and Jim were hunting in Delta Junction for Bison when the call came from the adoption agency to Janice in Haines. Consequently, the nickname “buffalo gal” quickly caught on. Janice flew to Anchorage, traded places with Dr. Jones and the long drive through U. S. and Canadian Customs during brutal cold weather proved uneventful and all arrived safe.

If you had the privilege to meet Nicole these past 29 years and strike up a conversation with her, it would eventually evolve around you, your parents, your children, your birthday, your hometown, your dog, your school, your best friend, what music you liked and “have you heard of Richard Thompsen? How are you doing today, and do you speak German by the way?” Expect that your conversation would be picked up where you left off, whether it was a day or a year later: “...oh and how is your new baby granddaughter doing? How is Bonsai? Did Wren have her baby?”

Nicole was an emissary of love and everyone she met was her friend. She was not pretentious, she was kind, honest, not judgmental, and loved people for exactly who they were, another child of God just as she.

Nicole was blind, partially deaf, an ancient that survived seven brain surgeries, chemotherapy, and proton radiation. She was a brain cancer survivor for 29 years with an infectious personality. She was a teacher on how to live, forgive, laugh, and love people, and she simply loved everyone. “How is Doug by the way, is he still in Florida?”

Nicole has two foster siblings, Marian and Jasper Cunningham, a few dozen aunts, uncles and cousins, and she had many best friends, but Bobbie, Beth, Stephanie, Kip, Holly, Dawn and Symeron were special and brought her a great deal of fun and consternation. “May I Have 20 M & M's please?” “Sorry Nicole, your parents said only 10.” “You're fired!” “Will you come back tomorrow?” “Not this time Nicole, you're in a better place tonight, maybe you will let me join you later.”

We will miss her as will many other friends of hers with many living all around our very small world. “See you on the flip flop.” Good night Nicole, we love you. James and Janice Studley.

Nicole was buried on Monday, Nov. 15, 2021 at Jones Point Cemetery. A Catholic mass will be said for Nicole at 5:00 PM on Saturday, Nov. 20, at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, and a celebration of life will be announced in the coming weeks for anyone that would care to attend.

Obituary submitted by James Studley.


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