More unnecessary ursine killings


November 4, 2021

I was deeply saddened to learn that a adolescent bear was killed on the beach at Chilkat State Park in mid-October.  The headless carcass was found stripped of its fur.  I had walked by this particular bear all summer and fall and it was always very intent on foraging mostly on the weedline.  When it noticed me, it would always quietly walk into the forest and let me amble by.  An opportune target for a poacher in a skiff looking for an easy kill.  What joy or sense of accomplishment does someone get from illegally killing a young bear habituated to the presence of people?  

As a community and a society at large it demoralizes me to think that people have such little respect for our fellow lifeforms.  The great extermination that is taking place right now will leave the human race feeling alone and with an empty soul. 

If you know or have heard of anyone who has poached this bear please contact the local State Wildlife Trooper.

Tom Faverty 


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