Vote Josephson for experience, integrity


September 30, 2021

Once more it is time to select individuals that will plan and decide our community’s future. Our individual votes will collectively decide Haines’ direction.

One candidate has integrity, education, life experience, and a willingness to consider other viewpoints prior to making a decision: Brenda Josephson. Brenda has served Haines with distinction on the school board, planning commission and assembly. She researched issues and came to meetings prepared with facts, other viewpoints, and knowledge.

Brenda Josephson has the experience and commitment to Haines that we need on the borough assembly.  She has worked hard for Haines by volunteering to serve in local government on many levels for many years. Brenda understands the need to keep a balanced budget that prioritizes our needs and the maintenance of our buildings.  We need her experience to put Haines in the best possible position to obtain funding for our needed projects. Brenda has the knowledge and integrity to keep Haines moving forward in a safe and environmentally sound direction. 

Voting is our right and also our obligation.  Please remember to vote, and encourage your friends and family to vote.  A vote for Brenda is a vote for Haines’ livable future.

George Campbell


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