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Neighbor's complaints distract from Haines living


June 17, 2021

Dear Abby,

Why do some neighbors insist on whining like indulged, petulant children, running to the Borough with complaints, wasting everyone’s time, money, and resources? Rather than address folks kindly and civilly, these relentless busy bodies spend their time passive-aggressively policing neighbors, taking their furies and frenzies to the borough employees as if they have nothing else better to do but powder their behinds.

Viking Cove had yet another complaint filed by the same Mud Bay neighbor this month. This complaint comes after the incredibly sad and crushing year we had from the pandemic. Weddings were cancelled, brides and moms were crying. The whole town was suffering during the shutdown, but apparently my neighbor kept herself busy grinding axes. She filed her current complaint last month and it was dismissed during the recent planning commission meeting, just like her last. Unfortunately, I have had to read all the letters and complaints written over the years, and they could be bound into a book. Not that anyone would want to curl up with that vituperative diatribe – the reader would probably give up and walk into the sea.

In the past eight years, despite my efforts to be neighborly, I have had direct contact with this frustrated malcontent less times than I have fingers on one hand. And one of those times was when she was invited to dinner at my home. No reciprocal dinner--maybe she didn’t care for my beer selection? Or perhaps she simply prefers the thrill of getting to know someone better with a good old public dressing down at a borough meeting. That’s always good fun, right folks?

Frankly, I am tired of my neighbor’s unreasonable complaints. I hear tell that she cannot stand to even hear us talking when we are on our own property but good on her with her keen ears! For some reason, this intolerant neighbor seems to have a stick up her bum about Viking Cove. Ok, ok, I get it. It’s a big house (although not the only one) and she has said plainly to my face that she doesn’t like it. It’s in her hood and it’s not part of her aesthetic. But holy moly, lady—deal! It exists and human beings are living there. And our place is happily shared with others, too! If she wants, she can come by and give one of the timbers a swift kick every once and a while if it makes her feel better but jeez, the persistent and peevish complaining must stop. It is unproductive and divisive.

Why so angry, lady? Haines is a beautiful place with fantastic, unique, and interesting people who may not do things just like their neighbors but that is what makes it so cool! Enjoy it!

Well, I guess I do not really need advice Abby but thanks for listening.

It is her problem, not mine.


Enjoying Life in Beautiful Haines (+ Live Curmudgeon Action to Keep Me from Utter Utopia!)

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