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Sanctuary- a place that provides protection


May 6, 2021

I wish for this place we call Haines to have sanctuary from exploitative logging operations that specialize in hauling our forests away to Asia; degrading our watershed, stealing the wood we need to heat our homes and build our houses.  

I wish for this place we call Haines to have sanctuary from large scale corporate mining.  Leaving us with a legacy of pollutants in our watershed.   Forever degrading the health of our ecosystem, jeopardizing the quality of life for those of us who are tied to the land for subsistence and spiritual health.  I don’t want my home to become a resource extraction gulag. 

I wish for this place we call Haines NOT to be a sanctuary for bible thumping, gun toting, white supremacy racists.  They are a plague on our pluralistic society.  Their Trumpian worldview is counter to the very principles of democracy that this nation was founded on.  I don’t want my home to be a haven for racists who feel that they have an exclusive control over our land and its people because they are white, quasi-Christian and have a bigger gun than you.  

Tom Faverty 


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