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DOWA's running the show now


April 15, 2021

Last week, Japanese smelter company, DOWA Metals and Mining took over the majority stake in the Palmer Project joint venture. While locating a mine at the source of Glacier Creek, which feeds the Klehini and Chilkat Rivers, has always been a disastrous idea, this is a game-changer.

Constantine has caused considerable strife in our community, between their misinformation campaigns, a half-baked permit application that even ADEC ultimately decided was inadequate to protect us and our water, taking control of community discussions, refusing access to the area to take water samples, and actively trying to block our community’s attempts to protect our clean water. DOWA, on the other hand, refuses to engage with us at all. I’m not sure which is worse.

 What I do know is that $8.8 million is small change to a multinational corporation developing a mine in a state and country that lack adequate regulatory systems to protect us from mine pollution and disasters. If that $8.8 million advances the Palmer Project to the point where they go underground, we could be facing the same impacts of a full-blown sulfide mine: heavy metals and acid mine drainage leaching into our clean water forever, acid generating tailings, and a plan of operations that fails to address these risks, among others.

 DOWA’s investment in the Palmer Project is not an investment in our community, but an investment in destruction.

 Shannon Donahue


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