Assembly rescinds quarantine recommendation resolution


March 25, 2021

The Haines Borough Assembly unanimously rescinded the borough’s resolution that encourages incoming travelers to quarantine for 14 days or provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of arriving in town.

The action came after a discussion at the ad hoc CARES Committee meeting where assembly member Paul Rogers said he was concerned that the borough wasn’t clear enough that suggested travel protocols were recommendations and not requirements.

“If (a traveler has) potentially been exposed then maybe they should have a test,” Rogers said. “If they know they’ve been exposed then maybe they should quarantine for a while but I don’t think we should recommend everybody coming to the borough quarantine just because they came to the borough from someplace.”

He wanted the borough to be more explicit that the borough was recommending actions in a “Recommended COVID-19 Protocols” flow chart that’s available on the borough website.

“In great big bold type across the top it should say recommendation only,” Rogers said. “We shouldn’t say (it) in little type.”

Borough clerk and EOC spokesperson Alekka Fullerton said the borough’s travel protocol flowchart doesn’t align with the resolution, which was based on travel recommendations that are no longer applicable.

“The resolution is recommending a 14-day quarantine irrespective of anything else,” Fullerton told the committee Tuesday. “That’s why we put together this flow chart because we wanted to throttle back on that. We wanted to say, ‘Look there’s all these ways you can enjoy Haines.’”

The full assembly rescinded the resolution at its regular Tuesday meeting.

Current Department of Health and Social Services travel recommendations from a community on the road or ferry system include testing three days prior to travel, following strict social distancing pending a negative result or, if a person doesn’t test, follow social distancing protocols for 14 days.

Vaccinated travelers do not need to follow social distancing while awaiting test results, but are encouraged to follow pre-travel testing protocols.

The recommendations are included in the borough’s protocol document, available on the borough website.


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