Ordonez to compete in national DDF championship


March 18, 2021

Haines Glacier Bard junior Stella Ordonez qualified for the National Speech and Debate Tournament, an opportunity she wouldn’t have had had it not been for the pandemic which forced virtual activities. She’s one of two Alaskans who will compete virtually against performers from all 50 states in July.

“I’m really excited to go to nationals and DDF has been so fun,” Ordonez said. “Acting is my favorite thing. My coach has been super awesome. I’m really just super excited. Achieving things in DDF is the best thing that could happen for me.”

Ordonez earned her spot after virtually performing a humorous interpretation at the Western Washington regional qualifying tournament.

“Normally we wouldn’t be able to participate but because it’s all virtual there was an invitation,” Haines’ DDF head coach Hannah Bochart said. “The chances of getting together the funding to get down to Washington likely would not have been a thing in a normal year.”

Ordonez performed her humorous interpretation at state this year, but didn’t earn a top finish.

“I didn’t do super well at state so I was excited to do it again,” Ordonez said. “It paid off. I did really well and I was really happy.”

Ordonez’s piece, “Falling and Not Getting Up” by Bobby Tennison is about an elderly woman named Mildred who is advertising life alert buttons.

“Over the course of the piece you learn more about Mildred,” Ordonez said. “She’s not such a sweet old lady. She’s kind of mean and crazy really.”

Ordonez said she and Bochart will continue to refine the piece during the next few months before the national championship this summer, where she’ll also compete virtually. The public can view Ordonez’s performance, along with the rest of the Bards’ pieces they worked on this year, on the Haines High School YouTube page.


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