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Our system relies on socialism


November 25, 2020

Thank you, Greg Goodman.  He reminds us of the value of pooled public resources.  He observed how CARES-Act disbursements are an example of socialism and well-received.  Here are a few more examples of institutional socialism hiding in plain view:  public highway/airport construction and maintenance, snowplowing, the US military, public school, library construction and operation, the Alaska PFD, AMHS, NOAA, the ACA, wildlife and fisheries management, U.S. Customs, our ambulance and fire response, policing and criminal justice at all levels, cheerful and well-lit public offices, a staffed visitor’s center and tourism department, a nutritious school lunch, ports and harbors.  All examples of socialism; maybe we should get used to it. 

Smart societies pool resources (tax dollars) and use elected, representative decision-making to solve problems.  Recently, the corporate news branded Bernie Sanders, again, as a socialist, as if socialism was foreign.  The U.S. system is already a social democracy, applying both socialistic and entrepreneurial ideals, and that’s a good thing.  

Sometime after January 20, 2021, my hope is we’ll add one more social service to the pool—a government negotiated/funded health care option.  The Medical-Insurance-Industrial-Complex has ripped off American business owners, all levels of government, and families long enough.  Meanwhile we live through our nation’s second Gilded Age.  Going untaxed is an eye-popping fraction of total personal income, possessed by those at the tippy top.   We begin digging out by rolling back the Trump-McConnell Tax Cut for Billionaires and returning rational, 1960’s era progressivity to our tax system.  

Burl Sheldon  


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