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Vapid, Godless dimwits


November 19, 2020

A handful of Elites want to reduce the world population down to 500 million. The Georgia Guidestones bear witness to that in a cryptic way using perverted environmentalism and a phony “Love Thy Neighbor” edict as the poisoned bait.

This kind of predictive programming pervades every aspect of our lives. In Hollywood, I was involved with screenwriters who were encouraged to write scripts such as “Mad Max,” “The Island” and “Terminator” flicks for that purpose. Psychological conditioning preparing you for the inevitable.

We are saturated in a social engineering operant conditioning trick, based on a bovine proclivity to not stand out as an individual no matter how absurd the mandates. Scientifically verified by Asch’s and Milgram’s social experiments long ago.

 People invariably devolve into vapid, Godless, Dimwits with nary two brain cells as a result.

Wearing the veil is useless and stupid and exacerbates comorbidities in the wearer that can lead to bacterial pneumonia, irreversible damage to the hippocampus in the brain, and worse.

Our nation is being brought to its knees out of false fear.

Protect personal discernment and grip that moral compass in your heart put there by Almighty God for freedom.

Steve Kroschel


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