We have yet to be tested by the virus


November 5, 2020

In response to Mr. Ponsford’s comments about fear of Covid: I am 70 years old, have had a successful and interesting life, and when people started dying of Covid, I thought, if it is my time, so be it. I am not afraid of the virus. But I am afraid I could unknowingly contract it, and I could pass it on to Mr. Ponsford, or someone in my own social circle. Fact is people are dying, all over the world. This is not fake news.

As for Haines’ lumberyards being a proving ground, our local “petri dish” hasn’t had enough test cases to prove anything. With borders and the cruise industry closed, the virus has rarely been introduced. Our science test would be considered inconclusive at best. Returning Alaskans were quarantining. The state has mandates. We have not had the same exposure, in the lumber yards or elsewhere, as other communities. Unlike cities where many must use public transportation, or are otherwise unable to avoid crowds and exposure, we have the privilege of being relatively isolated.

I visited both lumber yards almost every day this summer. I am not bothered that one doesn’t wear masks because I am not in fear for my own health. I wear mine because I don’t want to get them sick.

Many of us are still being careful just in case the virus creeps in unawares. I suggest we keep vigilant until vaccines arrive. Look at the village of Chevak. That could happen here.

Donna Catotti


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