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Stop being afraid


October 29, 2020

COVID-19 has been with us for one year come December and we have an excellent proving ground in Haines, being significantly isolated from the rest of the world and, in this Petri dish we have a perfect test of different responses established by our two lumberyards. At great cost one followed all the rules and recommendations handed down from the ether, while the other ran business-as-usual seeing little decline in sales. The customers of both businesses moved freely through our tiny town. Logical science tells us that the unprotected customers of the one should have contracted the virus in the regularly crowded store and quickly spread it around town rendering the other lumberyard’s efforts irrelevant. Indeed, half this town and most businesses went unprotected for 10 months while the other half lived in constant fear.

So why are we not all dead in Haines? In fact, I hear we have seen to date only six confirmed cases in town, and not one of them spread it to others. Yet people like Dr. Poling in his letter to the editor last week refuse to simply look at the results of our lengthy test and instead cling to the advice of the media fearmongers. How long will people let this paranoia continue before looking at the tangible facts? Stop being so afraid. Ten months is long enough to run a test don’t you think?

You should be far more paranoid about cars.

Want more? Youtube “Gov. Noem COVID-19.”

Kyle Ponsford


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