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The racist narrative needs to be reexamined


October 8, 2020

Our first 10 Amendments were ratified in 1791. The First Amendment was our right to free speech, the Second Amendment was our right to bear arms. The Thirteenth Amendment ended slavery. The Fifteenth was the right to vote and the Nineteenth was women’s right to vote. All of these rights were formulated and ratified by a group of senior all-white legislators, proving the U.S. in not a racist society. The white vote has also elected many black legislators, supreme court justices and a black president. Almost 400,000 mostly white union soldiers died to end slavery and enforce our Thirteenth Amendment. Since then thousands of Black U.S. servicemen died protecting the U.S. from a new type of slavery: fascism and communism. Segregation and Black racism ended after WWII. Blacks are an important segment of our society. Witness their advancements into politics, sports, entertainment, academia, music and medicine. Even interracial marriage is widely accepted.

It’s a sad day for America when two extremist ideologies, reverse racism and anarchy, could jeopardize our Constitutional freedoms for their twisted political views.

Dave Werner


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