Vote for kindness and better values


October 1, 2020

I was worried after the attempted recall and associated vitriol regarding assembly politics, and the mean-spirited fiasco of manager Schnabel’s firing, that no one would run for office in Haines, ever, especially young people and women, which is why I’m so happy to be able to vote for hard-working, caring and creative candidates Caitie Kirby, Doug Olerud, Carol Tuynman and Helen Alten. I hope you will join me. They can make Haines politics reflect the better values of the community we live, work in and love. I think it is especially important right now to have assembly members and a Mayor who work in or own local retail businesses as both Caitie and Doug do, and who understand the ways our government operates (or doesn’t) as well as Carol and Helen do, both of whom attended nearly every meeting when I was on the assembly. They are all busy, too. Everyone knows if you want something done, ask a busy person. If we elect these three women for assembly and Doug as Mayor, at the very least the meetings will be a lot more efficient and shorter, and for certain, kinder.

Heather Lende


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