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'Masking equals caring' is misguided


September 10, 2020

Fifty-one years ago, I was introduced to a holistic philosophy/cosmology/way of living on the earth that became a foundation for my life as significant in influence as my family of origin. That way of thinking is when I became skeptical of germ theory. We people do not “catch” germs. We have germs. We are germs. However you want to say it, we’re alive and they are part of life. When we’re healthy, toxins aren’t toxic, they’re moving and changing within a vital system. When we’re not healthy, there’s weakness/imbalance and the whole system, as a byproduct of that condition, offers opportunities to the germs already present.  Then symptoms develop.  The germ/virus is not the thing, the host/terrain is the thing.  

I object to the locally popular notion that individuals/businesses comfortable with masks care more about their fellow citizens than do individuals/businesses without masks. Masks don’t equal caring. I can’t claim to know exactly what they do equal though I understand that some, not everyone, feel safer in a mask.  We all care. Generally, no one desires illness. 

For mask proponents who need help with unmasked stores there are curb-side services, gopher services like Sid Moffat, and the Haines Support Chain. Online spending is such an easy substitute, but please don’t point to our local mask-less businesses and say they don’t care, or don’t take the virus seriously.  They hold it differently and they behave differently.  I believe masks-as-love is a seriously incorrect notion.  

Evelyna Vignola


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