Shop local where you can


September 3, 2020

I completely agree with Burl Sheldon that supporting our local businesses is essential, more now than ever.  We’ll have a huge problem when we get past this pandemic if our small businesses don’t survive.  Unfortunately, many local businesses don’t support a mask mandate in the store, which makes it impossible for many of us to shop there.  Even if those places do curbside pickup, I know that the items will have been handled by someone who was not wearing a mask or using hand sanitizer. Therefore, I’m forced these days to buy a great many things online that I never would previously have considered.  Or if I do have to go into a local store that doesn’t require masks, I do it as infrequently as possible and buy only the essentials, and of course I wear a mask and use hand sanitizer.  I know that very many other people are doing these same things.

I am very sorry to have to choose between the long-term health of our local economy and the short-term pandemic, but that’s how it is.  Perhaps we could change the slogan to “Shop Local Where You can do so Safely”.  And a very big thank you to those businesses who let us know they care about their customers. 

Sally McGuire


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