Remove the tin foil


September 3, 2020

Take off your foil-lined MAGA hat for a minute, put on your flag-emblazoned mask, and tell my why any fiscal conservative would want to spend $20 million for a new public safety building when the existing one can be rejuvenated for less than $1 million. Oh, but (and only an engineer could come up with an idea so blatantly wacky) we’ll just raffle off public lands to pay for it. Okay, so now we’ve sold 200,000 raffle tickets and the future of Haines in a booth at the fair, but look, we got a building. And a beautiful new, umm...morgue. Such a shame that Russian oligarchs went and bought all the tickets, nyet?

While the Mayor and current assembly push to privatize our public lands and take a wrecking ball to our institutions (and usable structures), they continue to spend recklessly. Those of us who care about making Haines a desirable place to live, one that attracts newcomers and investors, can only exercise our constitutional right by voting in October. Doug Olerud and Carol Tuynman seem to get it; I can’t vouch for the others just yet.

Larry Larson


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