Takshanuk adding trails, Jones Point picnic pavillion


July 16, 2020

Ceri Godinez

Work has been underway since May on a picnic pavilion at the Takshanuk Watershed Council's Jones Point property, with completion scheduled for September. The timber-frame structure will include fire rings and picnic tables, available for public use.

Takshanuk Watershed Council is expanding the trail system and constructing a picnic pavilion at its Jones Point property this summer.

The property has a single trail going out toward the point, and by the end of the summer there will be two new trails - one going up the hill behind the Takshanuk office building and a second loop along Sawmill Creek that provides access to Valley of the Eagles golf course.

The goal of the trail expansion is "providing recreational opportunities for the community," Takshanuk Watershed Council executive director Derek Poinsette said. In total, the new paths will add 1.5 miles to the property's trail system.

Work on the project began in June when Dallas Anderson did a first pass, cutting brush with a chainsaw. Now, interns hired through Southeast Alaska Independent Living are doing the final clearing, removing stumps and logs from the pathway.

Poinsette said there may be need for additional work after it snows this winter, depending whether foliage gets bent into the new trails and if any sections need to be widened to allow for cross-country skiers.

Takshanuk is also installing a picnic pavilion near Jones Point itself. Construction began in May and should be completed by September.

When it opens, the timber-frame structure with fire rings and picnic tables will be open to the public, Poinsette said. The facility will also be available to rent for special events like weddings.


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