People should speak up on manager firing


July 9, 2020

Many people, including myself, were taken aback by the firing of Debra Schnabel as borough manager. We (I) thought she was doing a great job. I would think that most all of us who, more or less, follow the Golden Rule were truly shocked by the manner in which that firing took place.

Because of that lack of due process, etc. please note that at the next assembly meeting on July 14 there will be an agenda Item pertaining to the assembly’s behavior. You can read this item when the agenda and packet are available online the same day this newspaper comes out. The intention is for the assembly to take the topic and publicly use it for self-examination of how it behaved regarding evaluations and assembly member Paul Rogers’ behavior.

It’s also another opportunity for the public to speak or write on this topic. No sign-up is required, people will be asked to speak in the normal course of the meeting. Please look online to find this item on the agenda, and please share your point of view by speaking at the Zoom-only meeting and/or by writing.

Maybe you spoke or wrote before, maybe you have the same thought worth repeating, maybe you have a new one — this agenda Item is a fresh context in which to participate in the conversation.

Evelyna Vignola


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