Train your dog with love, not pain


July 2, 2020

The training of a dog or puppy shouldn’t be taken lightly and must come from love. Seek help, ask questions, read books, but only from people and places that come from love.

Please never use cruel training devices such as the “Halti.” It comes with other names too. It’s a pretty, brightly colored, soft cloth halter that goes on the head of a dog or puppy, like a cow or a horse; only the “Halt” has lines attached that apply horrible pain to sensitive pressure points when used by cruel “trainers.”

A cow or a horse can handle a halter quite well because of their large bulk, whereas a dog or puppy can receive serious neck and spinal injuries. These “training halters” are made to hurt dogs or puppies with pressure points, their sensitive muzzles being crushed and squeezed tight, causing panic until they “give in.” The companies that make these say that’s “all OK,” but they won’t talk about the head, neck and spinal injuries these can cause.

Unethical “trainers’’ will use them to “quick sell” a dog. What is unseen is the mental stress that was caused, and skeletal, neck and head injuries that will affect these sweet dogs all their lives. If you ever buy a dog, ask if they used this torture device.

Proper walking and training gear is a soft body harness with a soft back-up collar or just a soft collar if your dog does not pull.

Carrie Kinison


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