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Fix borough by electing managers


May 28, 2020

Well, this is really cute. In the middle of a world- class pandemic and a major budget crisis, the Mayor and assembly decide to fire our manager? Wasn’t it just last week that they were whining that we had no money and they wanted the budget cut even more than it already had been? And now we suddenly have plenty of money for them to pursue their personal vendettas? This is our taxes they’re playing with; manager searches are expensive.

Note: Should she have made that plowing arrangement? Not unless everybody else does. But does anybody really think that Paul Rogers or any of the rest of them would fire Jan Hill because she made an unusual arrangement or was late paying a bill? No. They’d say, “Oh dear, she’s overworked because of the pandemic, let’s give her a raise.”

We have a broken system and we need to fix it. Let’s start with noticing that a town of 2,500 people doesn’t need a Mayor. It’s an expensive holdover, and it’s an obvious place to start. Then let’s also vote for our manager ourselves, and if we need to remove that person, then do it by the full recall process. Quit with the revolving door. As it is, who would apply to work here knowing he’d be fired as soon as the assembly makeup changed?

We’ve changed how our local government works before now, and we can do it again.

Sally McGuire


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