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Mayor isn't holding community together


May 14, 2020

Resigning our borough manager, for grievances from another assembly member—not convictions—speaks to the lack of ability for our Mayor to hold our community together in these trying times. How could Mayor Hill not speak up against this and then proceed directly to express the need for the community to come together during these difficult times? Eliminating a vital member in the management of our borough amidst a global crisis solidifies the notion, actions speak louder than words.

Paul Rodgers motioned for Debra’s resignation in-part for providing access to the books at the library— the public’s source for education and knowledge. Before which, he recited his quotes from Debra in a whiny, childish tone. I can’t see a way in which history will judge such actions positively.

This is a disgrace to see pity politics eroding the path of the most wonderful town in the most beautiful spot on earth. Haines, we are better than this.

David Simmons


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