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September 26, 2019

Artist Talk & Author Readings to be held at museum

Artist Katie Ione Craney’s collection “Landfalls” was inspired by Alaskan women writers, four of whom will be presenting their words alongside Craney in the presence of her exhibit at the Haines Sheldon Museum on Saturday, Oct. 5 at 6 p.m.

Craney’s “Landfalls: Dedications to Alaskan Women Writers and Storytellers” is a collection of small square plates cut from scrap metal displaying intricate images, colors and textures achieved through materials such as photographs, plants, imitation gold dust, and gauze, all of which are sealed to the metal with a layer of wax.

Each set of plates was inspired by the words of an Alaskan woman writer.

“When I read I circle phrases and groups of words.” said Craney. “Sometimes all it takes is one little phrase.”

“Becoming Earth” by Eva Saulitis was the first book to inspire this work.

“I read it and had such an emotional response. I didn’t know how to communicate it so I made this piece,” said Craney referring to the plates, “And then it just kind of spiraled.”

Craney dedicated 18 sets of work to Alaskan women writers, including Christine Byl, Krista Christensen, Ernestine Saankalaxt’ Hayes, and Heather Lende, all of whom will be reading excerpts from their work on Saturday.

Christine Byl wrote “Dirt Work: An Education in the Woods,” an account of her trail-crew work in Alaska and Montana. Her fiction and essays have appeared in “The Sun,” “Glimmer Train Stories,” “Crazyhorse,” “Lumberyard,” and “Broadsided Press” among others. Byle lives near Denali National Park.

Writer Krista Christensen lives in Fairbanks and has been an artist-in-residence in Denali National Park and Alaska State Parks. Her essays were named Notable Best in “American Essays” and have been nominated for Pushcart Prizes.

Writer Ernestine Saankalaxt’ Hayes was born and raised in Juneau and is a member of the Kaagwaantaan Clan. She currently teaches at the University of Alaska-Juneau and was a former Alaska State Writer Laureate.

Writer Heather Lende’s non-fiction work on Haines, Alaska has been published widely. She has lived in Haines for 35 years.

The library will feature a display of books by the featured writers. At the event, Craney will provide a reading list.

The event is free. Refreshments and light snacks will be provided.

The event is supported, in part, by a grant from the Alaska Humanities Forum and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Che Apalache to perform at Chilkat Center

The Haines Arts Council is hosting Che Apalache - a Buenos Aires based ‘Latingrass’ band - at the Chilkat Center for the Arts on Sunday, Sept. 29 at 7 p.m.

Co-president of the Arts Council, Tom Heywood, described the band’s music as “a completely unique blend of American bluegrass and Latin American roots. No one else is doing it.”

The four-man band features fiddle, mandolin, banjo, and guitar with vocal harmonies.

Band leader Joe Troop grew up in North Carolina before moving to Argentina where he began making music with Franco Martino (of Argentina), Martin Bobrik (of Argentina), and Pau Barjau (of Mexico). Together these musicians developed a unique blend of bluegrass and Latin music.

Rolling Stone magazine described the group as merging “cultures to smash through the boundaries often set up around many types of folk music.”

“This is one of our biggest events this year” said Heywood. “It’s getting harder and harder to get bands like this here now that we have the ferry problem.”

Che Apalache is in the middle of an Alaskan tour before continuing in the Lower-48.

Tickets are available at the Moosterious Emporium or at the door.

General - $18

Members - $15

Students - $5

First Friday

The following local businesses will be hosting First Friday events on Oct. 4 from 5-7 p.m.

Alaska Arts Confluence is hosting live improvisational music is open to any participants or listeners in the Fort Seward Sculpture Garden. Chef Travis Kukull will be selling paella and pork tamales. Vija Pelekis’s food truck will offer hot drinks including local herbal tea and sweet treats including baklava and local fruit mini-pies.

Haines Sheldon Museum is hosting local artist Katie Ione Craney’s show “Landfalls: Dedications to Alaskan Writers & Storytellers” as part of the Six-Week Spotlight Series.

Alaska Rod’s is featuring work by local photographer and author Dena Selby.

In their new gallery on Main Street, Alaska Wild Bear Photography is featuring work by local artists Rebecca Long and Nanna Clark. They are also raffling off a free portrait session.

The Magpie Gallery is hosting an end-of-season party to celebrate all the artists and makers who showed their work in the gallery.

Ampersand AK will be featuring what they describe as “fall delights.”

The Pioneer Bar is hosting open mic starting starting at 9 p.m..

River Talk is back

“River Talk,” the popular winter story telling event, returns to the stage for its sixth season on Thursday, Oct. 17 at the Chilkat Center.

Five story telling events are planned through April. October’s theme is “That’s Alaska!”

“Alaska Day is October 18, so it is a good time to celebrate our great state,” River Talk coordinator Annette Smith said. “If you have an Alaska story to tell, we’d love to hear it.”

Seven speakers have seven minutes to tell their stories that connect to the stated theme. Themes this season include “Lost & Found,” “Barracks Banter/Tales & Tunes,” “Saved by a Song,” and “Faux Pas.” The event begins at 7 p.m. and costs $7.

“The themes are loose, so you can put the appropriate spin on most any story to fit the theme,” Smith said. “Humorous, sad, exciting, heart-felt or thoughtful, it’s all good. And you’ll feel good too for having told the story.”

For more information call Smith at 766-2708.


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