Support our youth with climate action


September 26, 2019

This week, Chilkat Valley kids join 4 million youth worldwide in an international school strike demanding real climate action. They need our support and action. Human-caused climate change won’t be curbed by individuals turning off lights and recycling. Those actions are important for many reasons, but the scale of the problem is so big that we will only slow climate change by implementing real climate policies that significantly reduce our emissions, transition to safe, renewable energy sources, and reel in big corporate polluters. Future generations are depending on us: kids can’t vote, and their influence is limited. This is why they are asking U.S. to take action, and to support their movement. Adults can vote for candidates who will implement climate policies. As voters, adults have more influence on elected officials, and we can pressure them to adopt constructive climate policies like the Green New Deal, which includes provisions to transition the workforce from climate-altering industries to regenerative industries, preventing job loss. Locally, we can vote for candidates who understand our part in climate change and support real action. When the U.S. President reneged on the Paris Accord, municipalities across the country stepped up to adopt local policies to help meet our climate commitments. Take some time to learn about climate science, how climate change is affecting us locally, and our part in climate change. Demand action from elected officials. There are so many ways we as a community can act for climate. It begins with listening to our youth.

Shannon Donahue



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