Duly Noted


August 22, 2019

By Lexie DeWitt

Haines graduate Matt Myers and his wife Stephanie welcomed son Matteo Calvin Myers on July 31. Matteo weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces and joins siblings Charley, Sylvia, and Max. Matt works for Berrett Transmission and Stephani is a physician’s assistant in Bellingham, Washington. This is grandchild number 11 for Sonny and Julie Myers. Aunts are Candi Bradford, Carie Crager and Christy Myers. The family plans a visit next summer.

Kris Qually and Dionne Lavers-Qually, of Lethbridge, Alberta, were married on August 15 on an island in the Chilkoot River. Kris and Dionne chose the spot, known to them as Hook Island, because it is a special place with many memories. Kris brought Marshall and Mitchell and Dionne brought Karson and Brodie to be a part of the celebration. Randa Szymanski officiated and Melissa Ganey was the official photographer.

Classes Tuesday started at the Haines School and many students couldn’t have been more excited. “I am really excited to meet my new teacher, Ms. Piper,” said fifth-grader Sydney Salmon. Senior Tanna Dixon said she is excited about being a teacher’s assistant in kindergarten. Para professional Rachelle Galinski is looking forward to working in elementary after spending the last few years in middle school and high school. “It’s going to be a nice change of pace,” Rachelle said.

Lucy Harrell turned 95 years young on Aug. 1 surrounded by friends and staff at Haines Assisted Living. Lucy enjoyed visiting with close friends Carl and Roma Lehman, Mary Cochran, and Kip Kermoian. Jim Studley cooked filet minon on the barbeque and a chocolate cake with homemade raspberry filling made by Janice Studley was enjoyed by all. Friends are invited to leave a note at HAL to wish her a happy birthday.

Libby Jacobson took her first solo drive as captain on the M/V Fjordland this month. “This is something I have wanted to do since I was 16 years old,” Libby said. “I had my 365 days of sea time after completing my 100-ton captain’s course and it’s taken a while for my license to come in but I’ve got the driving down.” Libby relieved her father Glen Jacobson as captain and took the solo trip with passengers to Skagway and back. Libby’s brother Ketch Jacobson is also a captain but awaiting the arrival of his license so he can also captain soon. “The two have been working on the boat since they were young,” said proud mom Allison Jacobson, “It will be nice to have Libby running the boat and Ketch as the deckhand and vice versa.”

Serena, Crystal and Al Badgely are back in Haines after hiking the Chilkoot Trail. “I went with my mom and dad and we did it in 5 days and 4 nights. The toughest day was the hike over the golden staircase but there was a warming hut at the summit where we drank warm drinks before continuing on to the next campsite,” said Serena. Highlights of the trip were getting to know everyone on the trail that is staying at the same camp sites. “Each night as you talk to them more and more you get to learn about them and their lives,” Serena added.

Haines’s newest furry resident, a bull moose dubbed as Marvin the Moose, was bedded down in Carol Flegel’s yard for quite some time earlier this week. “We watched him eat fireweed for about an hour and when he insisted to eat our apple tree, Dick drove over to him and honked the horn.”

Tammy Jobbins and daughter Natalie recently vacationed in Michigan where Tammy grew up. They stayed with family. They went on MacWoods dune rides in Silver Lake, spent time at the beach along Lake Michigan. In Detroit, Natalie, her cousin and a friend attended a Shawn Mendes concert. Other highlights were visiting the Detroit Zoo where they experienced a 4D theater. Natalie was impressed with the ice-cream vending machines at a rest area on the ride there. They also visited the Newaygo County Fair where Natalie enjoyed her first elephant ear. The enjoyed shopping, fireworks at Pentwater Homecoming Celebration, and spent time at a water park. Tammy even went on her first roller coaster ride. They also ended the trip going to a drive-in movie theater and watched the Lion King. “Oh, my goodness we did so much, it was fun,” said Tammy.


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