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The future of valley mining looks good


August 15, 2019

Recent articles and comments in CVN as well as others I’ve heard prompt this letter. The good news is Constantine continues to move forward as a high income, job producer with much negative overembellishment expressed by some, who often find themselves on the wrong side of history. The future of mining in the surrounding district looks good indeed.

Second point I’d like to mention: Chief Scott is by far the best police chief we’ve had in a very long time. We need to keep him and his family right here. Pay him what he’s worth. This assembly has a failed track record of fiscal wisdom.

Third point: Thanks to the same kinds of thinking that destroyed any thoughts of resource development locally, for many years, we’re panting breathlessly over tourism opportunities. So now, these folks who have invested blood, sweat and treasure in order to succeed in those endeavors are “greedy?” Other than fishing and government, that’s all the “brain trust” has left us. The current borough assembly, with the exception of Mayor Jan Hill and one assembly seat, is the poorest and least imaginative as far as producing a climate for job growth in at least a decade. Welcome to socialism. I think it sucks.

Terrance Pardee


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