To the beautiful community of Haines


July 25, 2019

As you know, our lives have been forever changed and our hearts shattered with the loss of our beloved son. Words cannot describe the profound, heartfelt gratitude that we feel for you; our amazing community, that has supported us, loved us, and held us through this difficult year.

The passing of Mario Jr. in the waters of the Yuba River, prompted us to create a water festival to celebrate and pray for the waters as he did just moments before his ascension. We would like to take a moment to thank those who helped with our memorial water blessing in his honor. Thanks to all who knew Mario and those who didn’t, who came from near and far to help us grieve, laugh, love, and dance in celebration of our lives and our water.

Special thanks to Beth McCready, Lori Mastrella, Melina Shields, Mark MacNamara, Scott Ramsey, John Hunt, “Pizza Joe”, Harriet Brouilette, Chilkat Indian Association, Lynn Canal Conservation, ANB/ANS, Haines Library, Teddy Hart, James and Zack Hart, Jones and Lani Hotch, ALL the tribal family from Nevada City, Guatemala, Hawaii and around the world, and to all the locals who hosted and entertained guests, living up to Haines’ renowned hospitality and especially to our rock, Joshua Benassi and his family.

We are looking forward to next year’s Aquasension Music Fest! Aho!

Natalie Benassi


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